Covid-19 Update

11/4/2019 9:45 – 11:45 AM





Session Description

The AIA Arthur N. Tuttle Jr. Graduate Fellowship in Health Facility Planning and Design supports graduate students and emerging professionals seeking licensure, increasing their awareness of the needs and nature of healthcare facilities, attracting talented young architects and students to the field and advancing the knowledge of planning and design for healthcare environments. There will be two fellows presenting their research in this session: Katy Peditto from Cornell University presents A Space of their Own: Improving Social Support and Quality of Life for Adolescents with Cancer and Navid Jamali from University of Toronto presents An application of AI in hospital design: A Review of Hospital Layout Problems.

The Griffin/McKahan/Zilm (GMZ) fellowship has been established by three leaders in the healthcare planning through the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation Legends fund to encourage research into healthcare programming and planning.  Ryan Shindler from the University of Arizona will be presenting his research on Investing in Better Outcomes: The Impact of Daylight in the Built Environment

This session is an opportunity to hear from both the Tuttle Fellowship and GMZ Fellowship recipients and learn about their inspiring and innovative work.