11/9/2020 2:00 – 4:00 PM




Don Orndoff

Senior Vice President

Kaiser Permanente National Facility Services


Session Description

This year, members of the Built Environment Network (BEN) were faced with issues they hadn’t seen or dealt with before. COVID-19 created unprecedented challenges for healthcare systems across the country. Depending upon where they were located, some of the solutions were common while many had to be adapted and changed or invented. Attend this session to hear their stories, their lessons learned, what they are doing now, and what interventions and innovations will prove to be game changers for the future. Come with your questions and engage in a dialogue in this interactive session.

This session is presented by The Center for Health Design Built Environment Network About the Built Environment Network.

About the Built Environment Network:

BEN, established by The Center for Health Design in 2011, is a network of executive-level professionals who are dedicated to improving safety, quality, and sustainability in healthcare. BEN members participate in collegial discussions to help them guide the direction and future of the built environment within their own organizations and the industry. Learn more about how to join this collaborative network by contacting Donna Deckard at 925-521-9404.