11/8/2020 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Track:Advancements in Evidence-Based Design Research


Y Pham

Interior Designer


Mardelle Shepley


Cornell University, Department of Design & Environmental Analysis

Naomi Sachs

Assistant Professor

University of Maryland, Dept of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Session Description

Despite patient input being crucial in ensuring healthcare quality and given the limited liberty and compromised health status of many mental behavioral health (MBH) patients, it becomes both important and challenging to explore psychiatric patients’ views on their clinical environment. By adopting a developed survey tool including more than 12 in-depth criteria, this study explores MBH inpatient assessment of the importance and effectiveness of their environmental attributes. Feedback collected from patients residing in two different MBH inpatient centers shows some significant perceived differences between the importance and effectiveness ratings of specific categories. Patient responses highlight how their perspective may determine concerns different from those of staff occupying the same space.