Covid-19 Update

11/3/2019 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Track:AIA-AAH Forums


Z Smith



Frederick Marks

Visiting Scholar & Research Collaborator

Salk Institute for Biological Studies-RBIO-P

Session Description

The methods of evidence-based design are spreading out from their origins healthcare facilities into the design of laboratories, healthcare teaching facilities, education facilities in general, and workplaces. In the last decade, New Orleans-based EskewDumezRipple has emerged as a leader in the Deep South of architectural practices integrating award-winning design excellence with high performance outcomes (measured in terms of energy performance, stormwater handling, daylighting, and indoor air quality). They drawn on lessons learned from what worked and what didn't in post-Katrina New Orleans to become recognized as a national advocate for resilient design in all building types. Their work is still grounded in the themes embodied in the vernacular architecture of the Deep South, but applies these lessons to unabashedly modern laboratory, healthcare, healthcare education, and other projects.