Covid-19 Update

11/8/2020 10:45 – 11:45 AM

Track:Advancements in Evidence-Based Design Research


Apoorva Rane

Doctoral Candidate

Texas Tech University

Debajyoti Pati

Professor, Rockwell Endowment Chair

Texas Tech University

Session Description

Stress and burnout in nurses are becoming an epidemic in the healthcare industry and further culminating in medication administration errors, compromised quality of care, seemingly unempathetic or irritable behavior, reduced patient safety, job dissatisfaction, and turnover. Although multiple research studies have addressed stress in nursing through centralized/ decentralized nurses’ stations, napping strategies, and high-quality break areas, none of them have been sufficiently effective. This quasi-experimental research study investigated stress reduction in clinical nurses by bringing the outside (nature) in to nurses’ work space with ceiling tiles with photographic sky composition. The outcomes of this research were measured through cognitive, psychological, and physiological factors before and after the access to biophilic intervention.