Covid-19 Update

11/8/2020 10:45 – 11:45 AM

Track:Specialty Populations


Sarah Spence

Assistant, Department of Neurology; Co-Director, Autism Spectrum Center; Assistant Professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School

Boston Children’s Hospital

Melissa Aureli

Director, Facilities Planning and Space Management | Facilities Management

Boston Children’s Hospital

Joseph Porter


Isgenuity LLC

Theresa Harris

Principal, Director of Healthcare Planning

Isgenuity LLC

Session Description

Boston Children’s at Brookline Place, and its theme “The Amazing You,” is a collaborative architectural and environmental design paradigm being developed for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Neurodevelopmental Center. It stands at the forefront of research and care of kids with varying neurological abilities including autism spectrum disorder, a condition increasing in prevalence. This project seeks to answer “how can we transform a potentially traumatic doctor visit to a more positive and safe experience?” The Amazing You effort aims to elicit meaningful and inspiring connections through design. Hear how a multidisciplinary team, including clinicians, neuroscientists, families, patients, and designers teamed up to thoughtfully design and develop an environment benefitting a neurodiverse population.