Covid-19 Update

11/8/2020 1:45 – 2:45 PM

Track:Advancements in Evidence-Based Design Research


Ron Smith

Senior Associate, Healthcare Architect


Esperanza Harper

Healthcare Planner


Cameron Ebron

Senior Planning Manager for Real Estate & Development at UNC Health Care

University of North Carolina Health Care System

Session Description

This case study compares the spatial analysis of three trending outpatient clinic configurations: the traditional pod configuration, the on-stage/off-stage model, and the racetrack configuration. Presenters will share the results of their spatial analysis, showing the relationship of space syntax values to user and construction costs and will explore the relationship between user experience and spatial configuration to better predict user experience in a proposed design. They’ll demonstrate the benefits of calculating space syntax connectivity and integration values to inform design decisions about layout and spatial adjacencies and examine end user perspectives of various configurations and the measured implication of layout on movement, co-awareness, informal communication, safety, and operational efficiency.