11/8/2020 1:45 – 2:45 PM

Track:Lessons Learned


Swetha Sadananda

Design Program Manager

Kaiser Permanente

Connie Cook

Principal Medical Planner

Kaiser Permanente

Session Description

Kaiser Permanente’s Facility Strategy Planning and Design Department oversees one of the largest design programs that informs the healthcare system’s planning, design, brand, safety, sustainability, and design excellence requirements. The design program is maintained in many ways including benchmarking, content expert panels, and multidisciplinary subject matter experts. One of the biggest goals of the program is to conduct post-occupancy evaluations (POEs) one year after facilities open. These feedback loops are extensive, yet very focused on planning, engineering, and design, with thousands of findings created by a streamlined process and leveraging technology that allows for such a large-scale initiative. This presentation will share this process.