11/8/2020 1:45 – 2:45 PM

Track:Technology and Innovation


Gabrielle Campiglia

Research Faculty Member

SimTigrate Design Lab

Clayton Feustel

Graduate Researcher

SimTigrate Design Lab

Naomi Miller

Designer/Senior Scientist

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Session Description

Daylight, color-tunable electric lighting, and flexible sound systems have been proposed as important elements in the treatment of the cognitively impaired. These systems have been integrated into a Cognitive Empowerment Center in Atlanta, and data gathering capabilities mean that the lighting conditions and sound conditions can be used as variables in research studies being designed for this facility. Integrating lighting and sound systems like these into a building is complex, but this presentation will show the process and results of our design and implementation efforts. The session will finish with critical lessons learned, a valuable takeaway for all attendees.