11/8/2020 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Track:Clinical Perspectives


Ronald Pirrallo

ViceChair for Academic Affairs Department of Emergency Medicine Greenville Health Systm; Professor, University of South Carolina

Greenville Health System

Michelle Ossmann

Director, Healthcare Knowledge & Insights


Rutali Joshi

Pennell Fellow, Doctoral Candidate

Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing, Clemson University

Anjali Joseph

Associate Professor, Director, Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing

Clemson University

Session Description

Approximately 11 percent of medical errors in emergency departments (ED) are attributed to frequent interruptions and lack of collaboration during physician handovers. Through in-person and video observations in the ED, surveys with physicians, noise level measurements, as well as space syntax analysis, this study examined the impact of three distinct designs and layouts of physician workstation on interruptions and perception of collaboration during handovers. The findings from this study will support design decisions by healthcare architects to mitigate unnecessary interruptions and facilitate collaboration that will eventually minimize errors during physician handovers and impact patient safety positively.