Covid-19 Update

11/9/2020 9:45 – 10:45 AM

Track:Specialty Populations


Addie Abushousheh

Research Associate

The Center for Health Design

Jill Schroeder

Senior Planner

Pope Architects

Erica Larson


Pope Architects

Session Description

Current healthcare design strategies support younger, independent, able-bodied individuals with full cognitive capabilities. The design of healthcare facilities needs to be carefully reconsidered in order to meet the needs of older adults (many with cognitive impairments) and those who accompany them. This session explores the most challenging aspects of accommodating the needs of older people with cognitive impairments in healthcare settings from the perspectives of designers, care providers, patients, and their companions. Further, the presenters offer lessons learned, practical insights, and timely advice about how design firms may use internal resources differently to achieve better client and company outcomes.