Covid-19 Update

11/9/2020 4:45 – 5:45 PM

Track:Programming, Planning, and Design


Janice Jeune

Director of Cardiac Nursing, CCCU, Cath Lab, CVOR

Nemours Children’s Hospital

Dean Tarnovsky

Manager – Integrated Facility Design

Nemours Children’s Hospital

Chris O’Brien

Healthcare Architect

Baker Barrios Architects

Bob Jarc

Senior Project Manager

Nemours Children’s Hospital

Session Description

Nemours Children’s Hospital set out to expand cardiac services by adding a 30-bed unit and two ORs. The Integrated Facility Design (IFD) approach took a team of hospital and design professionals and patient family members through a series of engaging interactive workshops to design, experience, and test the space before it was built. Through team exercises, construction of a full-scale “cardboard city,” and testing clinical scenarios, Nemours attained significant gains in efficiency and improvements in patient and staff satisfaction. Come hear how the IFD process was followed by smooth construction and occupancy processes that allowed the project to be accomplished within budget, with virtually no change orders, and ahead of schedule.