Covid-19 Update

11/4/2019 4:45 – 5:45 PM

Track:Programming, Planning, and Design


Shannon Hackley


Shannon Leigh Design

Sarah Plane

Design Researcher

Boulder Associates Architects

Jenny Hastings


Boulder Associates Architects

Meredith Banasiak

Director of Research

Boulder Associates Architects

Session Description

How do you create a “radically inclusive” wayfinding system? That was the charge from Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital that informed its new campus wayfinding design. The campus serves a diverse population that includes a wide range of user needs including mobility, sensory, cognitive, cultural, socio-economic, language, literacy, and acuity. In this presentation, attendees will discover how a unique approach to research, which revisited methods from the past and combined them with current and cutting-edge techniques, gathered the evidence necessary to point designers in the right direction. By putting the emphasis on pre-design research, they focused not only on how research is informing design but how it will serve as a benchmark for measurable results.