Covid-19 Update

11/9/2020 4:45 – 5:45 PM

Track:Clinical Perspectives


Beth Steele

Vice President of Operations and Chief Nursing Officer

OhioHealth Grant Medical Center-Administration

Sherm Moreland

CEO, Sr. Healthcare Planner


Alicia Radcliff

Healthcare Planner, Project Architect


Session Description

Health systems are driving for greater value in their design solutions, particularly when renovating. Architects and planners have traditionally relied on standard formulas to calculate space needs; however, times have changed and planning tools must also change. Alternative planning strategies such as simulation modeling and user-engaged innovation are more important than ever to help hospitals understand current utilization and test it against future goals. This presentation will share new, innovative tools to understand the difference between widely accepted historical metrics and how to determine real, volume-based need. A case study will show how these strategies right-sized the footprint to create operational efficiencies and 10 percent savings on the overall project budget.