Covid-19 Update

11/10/2020 8:15 – 9:15 AM

Track:Lessons Learned


Timothy Hsu

Project Research Leader

GBBN Architects

Jason Groneck


GBBN Architects

Angela Mazzi


GBBN Architects

Session Description

Interested in evidence-based design and conducting post-occupancy evaluations, but don’t feel you have the resources? In this session, presenters will share their streamlined process for collecting the most essential pieces of primary data and how to analyze it to establish design hypotheses and priorities with a client. Using several projects as case studies, they’ll demonstrate how their process works and what they are learning that is advancing healthcare practice, including the business case for an evidence-based design process, how to structure and schedule projects, and how to determine fees. Finally, they’ll outline how to do a post-occupancy evaluation in-house without introducing bias.