Covid-19 Update

11/7/2020 3:15 – 5:15 PM



Jason Schrieber

Senior Principal

Stantec Urban Places Group

David Dixon

Vice President – Stantec Urban Places Group

Stantec Urban Places Group

Douglas King

Senior Associate

Stantec Architecture Inc.

Session Description

Land-constrained healthcare campuses are feeling the squeeze between their need to expand mission-critical facilities and the demand for new parking garages. Even healthcare staff are seeing their coveted parking spaces stripped away while patient frustration grows. In this interactive event you’ll review emerging new technologies, demand trends, demographic shifts, and design approaches to alleviate the problem. Efficiencies of today’s garages can easily increase 60 percent, while providing a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Session leaders will ask:

– Are self-parking systems fact or fiction … and how can they work for you?

– Which electronic management strategies are most effective?

– How should hospitals be planning for changing mobility trends as they respond to the attitudes of future generations?

– How can you effectively activate the streetscape and connect to the surrounding urban fabric?

– Is it realistic to plan for an oversupply of parking spaces that will result in an extra source of revenue by renting to new tenants?