Arsalan Gharaveis
Arsalan Gharaveis
Healthcare Planner

Arsalan Gharaveis has more than a decade experience in conducting research about theimpact of design in healthcare facilities in both United States and Iran. After years ofexperience in designing and planning healthcare facilities as a registered architect, hestarted doing research in the area of evidence-based design. Arsalan has published widelyin peer-reviewed journals and national conferences on topics such as daylighting,wayfinding, spaces syntax, active living, and environmental psychology in differenthealthcare facilities including emergency departments, rehabilitation units, and cancercenters. Dr. Gharaveis is now an assistant professor at southeast Missouri State University.

E01 - Reducing Security Risks: How Visibility Enhances Security in Community Hospitals’ Emergency Departments | Advancements in Evidence-Based Design Research

11/03/2019 9:30 AM | R08-R09
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