Aurelio Posada
Aurelio Posada
Associate Principal / Senior Design Architect
HuntonBrady Architects

Aurelio Posada is an Associate Principal and Lead Designer with over 30 years of architectural experience. As the senior designer for new hospitals, medical facilities, schools, churches, custom residential projects and more, he is responsible for both the exterior and interior architecture and works closely in collaboration with design, production, and construction administration teams to assure design continuity. His projects include Advent Health Orlando’s iconic Ginsburg Tower and Walt Disney Pavilion at Advent Health for Children, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, the Pavilion for Women and Children, and the Hollis Cancer Center at Lakeland Regional Health. He has served as a panelist and presented in several national Healthcare Conferences, showcasing the firm’s design work. Mr. Posada has architectural experience in North America, South America, and Europe and is internationally recognized for his participation in design competitions. Aurelio enjoys spending time traveling with his wife and son, he is an avid oil artist, as well as architectural freehand sketching when traveling.

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