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Byron EdwardsChair

Byron Edwards, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, LEED AP is a Professor of Practice in Clemson University’s Architecture + Health Graduate Studies Program. A 1980 alumni of the A+H program, he has over 35 years of practice experience in healthcare facilities planning and design. He is Owner/Principal of BE THREE LLC, an architectural design and consulting firm where he continues to practice healthcare programming, planning, and design. Byron is a current and founding committee member of the AIA/AHA South Atlantic Regional Healthcare Chautauqua, and a founding member and current Chair of the American Institute of Architect’s Academy of Architecture for Health’s Research Initiatives Committee. He is also a current member of the Center for Health Design’s Research Coalition. He can be reached at


I16 – Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice with Detailed Bench-marking of Clinical Spaces

11/5/2019 8:15 AM