Dr. Margot Hartmann
Dr. Margot Hartmann
President & CEO
Nantucket Cottage Hospital

Dr. Margot Hartmann has spent her career healing patients in hospitals. Now, she finds herself improving the health of a hospital itself. In just two years of being president and CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Dr. Hartmann has not only helped financially resuscitate NCH, but oversaw the delivery of a brand-new medical facility for the island. Transitioning from emergency room to boardroom, Dr. Hartmann has managed the hospital with surgical precision and today, through increased services, improved finances and a dynamic partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, NCH is on the path to becoming stronger than ever.

E72 - Last Building Standing: Advancing Resiliency for Healthcare Design | Programming, Planning, and Design

11/05/2019 8:15 AM | 225-227
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