Jim Hunt
Jim Hunt
Founder / Senior Consultant
Behavioral Health Facility Consulting, LLC

Jim Hunt, AIA, the founder and Senior Consultant of BHFC is a practicing architect with over 49 years’ experience and served as director of facilities management for the Menninger Clinic for 20 years. He is the co-author of the Behavioral Health Design Guide. Mr. Hunt has worked with over 100 hospitals in 40 states in the last ten years alone. He is now concentrating his efforts on helping organizations improve the level of safety while enhancing the therapeutic environment of their behavioral health facilities through consulting directly with the providers and their design professionals. He also assists manufacturers with developing new products to assist with meeting these objectives.

E15 - Designing a Place of Sanctuary for Behavioral Health Inpatients and Staff | Behavioral Health Practices

11/03/2019 10:45 AM | 208-209
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