Judith McGlinchy
Judith McGlinchy
Senior Associate; Project Manager
Bostwick Design Partnership

Judy is a key leader within Bostwick Design Partnership’s healthcare design team. Her 30+ years of experience designing healing environments provides clients with concepts that meet performance, safety and quality goals while keeping the welfare of the patient foremost in the design process. Judy focuses on patient room renovations, new and renovated operating room environments, outpatient care and has recently completed a health care Delos Well Building initiative. Judy’s positive attitude towards project management and her ability to inspire collaboration translate into a Client-Centered design process. Judy is EDAC certified and holds an LEED BD+C accreditation.

E59 - Don't Move Me from the ICU! Environments That Work | New Models and Methodologies

11/04/2019 3:30 PM | R03
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