Ken Potts
Ken Potts
Project Manager
Mayo Clinic

Ken Potts is a Project Manager at Mayo Clinic, and a licensed Architect. He is part of a team that manages more than 13 million square feet of healthcare facilities; both new construction and ongoing operations. In addition to delivering individual projects in support of the Mayo Clinic mission, he oversees annual programs to advance energy efficiency through improvements to exterior envelope performance, and Building Automation Systems. Ken has built a 25-year career of sustainability leadership in the fields of development, design, and construction. In addition to numerous contributions to individual projects, he served as a Board Member for the National USGBC from 2013-2015, and the Minnesota Environmental Initiative from 2012-2014. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College and Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

E37 - Selecting Healthy Materials for Mayo Clinic | Health and Wellness

11/03/2019 3:00 PM | 229-230
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