Minot Cleveland
Minot Cleveland
Medical Director of Employee Health
Legacy Health

An expert in health promotion and preventive medicine, Dr. Minot Cleveland is Medical Director of Employee Health at Legacy Health in Portland, Oregon. He chairs the Good Health Council, a system-wide group of leaders committed to Legacy’s mission of promoting good health for “our people,” including 14,000 employees, 3500 medical staff, and 2000 volunteers. A key area of interest is preventing burnout among Legacy staff. Since 2015, Dr. Cleveland has worked closely with Legacy’s Therapeutic Garden Program to promote the use of Legacy’s 12 hospital gardens to reduce stress and improve health for employees, volunteers, and medical staff.

E07 - The Positive Impacts of Hospital Gardens on Patients, Families, and Nurses | Health and Wellness

11/03/2019 9:30 AM | 229-230
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