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Wills HoverProject Manager
The Lemoine Company

Hover currently serves as Senior Project Manager in Lemoine’s Healthcare Division, providing leadership to the project teams which he oversees and ensuring the delivery of projects on time, within budget, and to the highest level of quality. He brings a truly unique perspective to his role, as he is duly proficient in both field operations and office managerial procedures. This binary expertise makes Hover a truly unique and valuable asset, providing a seamless connection through all phases of the construction process. Lemoine’s dedicated healthcare group was formed to serve the unique challenges and complexities of the healthcare market. Hover began his professional building career constructing projects for some of the larger healthcare systems in the Greater Houston area, including Memorial Herman and Texas Children’s hospitals. Hover’s strong values and passion for quality construction, excellence in all we do, work ethic, and integrity align with Lemoine’s value system while overflowing into his personal and family life. He is an active member in his community, serves as a mentor to Lemoine’s growing family of construction professionals, and also provides leadership and coaching through Lemoine’s Engineering Advancement Program (LEAP).


E78 – Designing for the Future: The Benefits of Modernization

11/5/2019 8:15 AM