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Healthcare Design Industry Conference, Workshops, and Best Practices

Healthcare Design Expo & Conference is devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future. Conference sessions cover a broad range of topics, all relevant to today’s healthcare facilities.

HCD offers continuing education credits from several accrediting organizations – learn more here.

Advancements in Evidence-Based Design Research—offers juried research studies that span the healthcare design environment. Learn the methodologies and approaches used, hear the outcomes, and discuss applications and next steps.

AIA-AAH-Forums—this series addresses critical topical themes related to major issues and trends in healthcare facility design and is brought to you by the AIA-AAH thought leaders in the industry.

Clinical Perspectives—offers programs that focus on clinical perspectives and knowledge as they relate to healthcare design. These programs are CE-certified for nursing clinicians, but also applicable to all attendees.

Specialty Areas and Approaches—addresses a myriad of case studies, methodologies, and outcomes in the healthcare built environment processes. This track offers tools, techniques, and approaches that lead to success.

Codes and Standards—highlights the latest standards, guidelines, and best practices across a variety of environments and design challenges.

Technology and Innovation—offers trailblazing projects and approaches that are leading the industry and advancing health outcomes.

Ambulatory Care Advancements—driven by public health needs and fueled by new policies, these sessions explore new approaches and settings for the steadily expanding arena of ambulatory care.

Lessons Learned—tells the stories of providers, design teams, and projects that sought to improve healthcare settings, with valuable lessons learned.

Behavioral Health Practices—offers an overview of recent developments in behavioral health, and the various environments and design factors that foster effective care.

Facilities and Project Management—hosted by the Heath Care Institute (HCI) of IFMA, this track is offered by leading experts in the field of healthcare facilities management. Discover an array of topics that cover the spectrum of facility management and today’s critical issues.

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