Deborah Wingler
Deborah Wingler
Graduate Research Assistant
Clemson University Architecture + Health, The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing

Deborah Wingler, Ph.D., MDS-HHE, EDAC is a Research Assistant Professor with the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University and the President of Healing Design Integration, LLC. Her research focuses on improving the patient and staff experience within the ambulatory care environment through research studies that utilize real-time data collection techniques to elicit insight into patient and staff physiological, psychological and neural responses to high stress healthcare environments. Deborah’s research interests also include bringing high-quality care to vulnerable populations and medically underserved communities within the United States and internationally.

E41 - The Impact of Using an Induction Room or Operating Room on Child and Parent Anxiety | Advancements in Evidence-Based Design Research

11/04/2019 9:45 AM
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