Covid-19 Update

11/8/2020 10:45 – 11:45 AM

Track:Programming, Planning, and Design


Megan Recher

Sustainable Building Advisor

Perkins and Will

Julie Frazier

Director of Healthcare Planning, Associate Principal

Perkins and Will

Joss Hurford

Affiliated Engineers Inc. AEI


Director of Planning

Affiliated Engineers – AEI

Session Description

Hospitals have long been designed and managed to respond to emergencies. But the pace and intensity of community-scale disasters and the occurrence of emerging diseases is a challenge to established design approaches. This compels healthcare entities to ask how today’s designs anticipate the disaster-scale climate events and diseases of tomorrow. This session will examine available resilient design standards programs and case studies presented to substantiate the client experiences with them. In addition, a new tool specific to the design assignment will be presented. This will enable session attendees to select the route that best fits their clients’ resilient design needs.