Covid-19 Update

11/3/2019 10:45 – 11:45 AM

Track:Health and Wellness


Laura Parisi

South Chicagoland and Central Illinois Region Design Manager

Advocate Aurora Health

Colin Rohlfing

Director of Sustainable Development

HDR Inc.

Whitney Gray



Session Description

Our industry is quickly shifting to one that demands health-related data analytics into pre- and post-design stages, and this shift is fundamentally changing the methods of design, delivery and verification.This session will examine human biology and building physics, how knowledge about the relationships between the two can be currently understood and applied, and how and why we must engage in testing and evolving this knowledge. Presenters will explore the effectiveness, limitations, and gaps in translating knowledge of how humans interact in space, identify tools created to facilitate optimal wellness design, and offer approaches necessary to test and build further knowledge.