Covid-19 Update

11/8/2020 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Track:Process-driven Design


Susan Blomquist

Associate Principal


Luke Gehron

Lead Computational Designer


Jeremy Herrington

Director of Clinical Operations, MRI & Off-Campus Imaging

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ahin Handa

Senior Project Manager, Planning and Construction

Massachusetts General Hospital

Session Description

A top priority for all healthcare designers is establishing tools and methods to ensure that end users and administrators are fully engaged in the design process. While full-scale mock-ups are an industry standard, we are now at a moment where digital technology can supplement and bridge the interpretation divide. The overlay of 3-D visualization tools brings these “cardboard cities” to life by fully immersing end users into their future environments. For Massachusetts General Hospital’s Assembly Row Imaging Suite, physical mock-ups, virtual reality, and augmented reality converged to collaboratively shape the design in an interactive testing laboratory.