Covid-19 Update

11/9/2020 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Track:Specialty Populations


Sepideh Valian

Project Designer


Jana Skidmore

Healthcare Planner


Jan Doughetry

Special Projects Consultant

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

AJ Thomas

Principal, Healthcare Sector Lead


Session Description

With the incidence of dementia sharply on the rise, a global movement has taken root to create dementia-friendly communities. Creating dementia-friendly communities calls for designing dementia-friendly environments. Empowered by evidence, the 12 dementia-friendly design guidelines discussed will enable healthcare organizations to implement solutions to elevate the patient experience and provide much-needed support for caregivers. Learn how to enhance universal healthcare environments through the clever use of color and lighting, the intelligent selection of finishes and furnishings, the savvy implementation of wayfinding and layout strategies, and the vital inclusion of outdoor spaces. Acquire the insight. Join the movement. Make a difference.