Covid-19 Update

11/9/2020 4:45 – 5:45 PM

Track:Specialty Populations


Kelly Daugherty

Vice President of Operations

Clinica Family Health

Paula Sullivan

Senior Associate

Boulder Associates Architects

Meredith Banasiak

Director of Research

Boulder Associates Architects

Session Description

One of the first organizations to adopt integrated team-based care, Clinica Family Health played a pioneering role in developing care practices and associated facility design in this field. The session will describe the evolution of their community health centers by identifying key transformative moments in care delivery and explaining how those were implemented in the physical clinics, as well as how each new clinic design afforded an opportunity to innovate care practices. Using results from the newest facility that opened in 2018, presenters will share projections about future trends and discuss topics such as integrating specialty care, increasing team sizes, and identifying challenges with new forms of integration.