11/8/2020 9:30 – 10:30 AM



Martin Franks

Senior Vice President

HFR Design

Ron Franks

President and CEO

HFR Design (Hart Freeland Roberts)

Michael Neuser

Director for Client Engagement and Healthcare Strategy

HFR Design

Frederick Marks

Visiting Scholar & Research Collaborator

Salk Institute for Biological Studies-RBIO-P

Session Description

The exorbitant price of healthcare construction is preventing rural communities from realizing transition plans. Selective partnerships including corporate, private, and public entities are required to overcome the problem. This roundtable discussion will be a deep-dive into the role that architects should play as one of those partners. Developing innovative prototype plans is just one solution. Understanding the needs of the population, the county administrative process, and the capability of small developers is another. HFR Design, the oldest A/E firm in Tennessee, will share their approaches to meeting these challenges at home and in other states within the firm’s geographic region.